Golden Touch Basketball Academy -- REFUND POLICY
Products Purchased
Golden Touch Basketball Academy may be required to purchase products or services from 3rd party vendors on the client's (you) behalf. In certain instances, Golden Touch Basketball Academy will require that the client posts payment for such products and/or services prior to being purchased by Golden Touch Basketball Academy. In the event that products need to be returned to the 3rd party for any reason, Golden Touch Basketball Academy will refund client monies received for the express purpose of purchasing the 3rd party product or service being returned upon receiving refund from the 3rd party.

Golden Touch Basketball Academy requires deposits to be paid by the customer prior to the beginning of the selected basketball camp. In such cases that a deposit is made but the camp never commences, the client may receive a full refund of deposit made minus any administrative fees incurred during the assessment of the project to be started.

Invoices paid for services already invoiced and rendered by Golden Touch Basketball Academy are non-refundable. If you have any questions or concerns about this refund policy, the practices of Golden Touch Basketball Academy, or your dealings with, you can contact us at
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